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2012 Bronze Buffalo

Congratulations to Michael F. for receiving the Bronze Buffalo for service to the Kittakima Chapter, Order of the Arrow.

Vigil Honor

Congratulations to Devin Holloway and Darrin Cranford. Troop 168’s newest Vigil Honorees.

Troop 168 OA Honors

Congrats to Devin Holloway and Drew Cranford who were recently elected to the MaNu Lodge leadership for 2013. Devin will be the 2013 Vice Chief of Camping and Service and Drew will be the Vice Chief of Ceremonies.

Devin Holloway and Darrin Cranford were also called out for the Vigil honor.

Drew Cranford, Darrin […]

New Troop 168 OA Candidates

Congratulations to the newest Order of the Arrow Candidates that were called out last Saturday evening:

Connor B John B Zack M Grahme C Mr. Jim Winchester

Get ready guys as the work has just begun!


Vigil Honor

Congratulations to Troop 168’s newest Vigil Honoree, Jordan Karim!

Troop 168 OA Members Honored

Congratulations to Scott Holloway. Drew C and Nathan K for receiving the Bronze Buffalo for service to the Kittakima Chapter, Order of the Arrow.


Congratulations to Jordan Karim! Jordan was called out for the Vigil honor in OA at Fall Fellowship this last weekend.

Congratulations also go out to Devin Holloway and Mr. Carpenter who were both inducted into the Bowstring Society for their work with OA Ceremonies.

Fall Ordeal


Congratulations to the following members of Troop 168 who completed their Ordeal this weekend:

Conner Copeland Brayden Croslin Caleb Holloway Andrew Karim

Also congratulations to David Copeland who sealed his membership in the OA through Brotherhood.