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Merit Badge Fair

Our Annual Merit Badge fair will be on Saturday, March 25, 2017. For more details go here.

Communications Merit Badge Pre-Work

Communication Merit Badge Information

I am excited that you will be joining me on March 25th for the Troop 168 Merit Badge Fair.  Read over this information carefully to ensure you get the most from your experience.

The Communication Merit Badge has several requirements that will not be completed in class.  You are encouraged to get these done before attending our session if you would like to have the badge complete by the end of the fair. If you do, please bring to class any notes, reports or other information so we may sign off the requirement as completed.

You will want to read the Merit Badge pamphlet prior to our session. Bring the pamphlet, a pen, some paper and any items for the teaching requirement with you to the class.  Requirements may be viewed online at www.usscouts.org.

The helpful hints below will ensure you get the most from your experience.

Requirement 1: We will complete requirement C or D in class

Requirement 2: You will choose either requirement.

Requirement 3: Each Scout will prepare and deliver a five minute speech in class on a topic of choice. Please have this topic selected prior to class. Time will be given in class to prepare the speech.

Requirement 4: This requirement will be completed in class

Requirement 5—Requirement will not be completed in class.  If possible, you will want to attend a public meeting prior to the merit badge fair.  This should be a school board meeting, city council, or other public meeting.  Pay special attention to the requirements for this one and prepare an objective report that includes all points of view that were expressed.  Be prepared to discuss what you learned.

Your counselor will provide a group opportunity to attend a public meeting in March or April if there is enough interest. Please note that these meetings are typically on Monday evenings.

Requirement 6: Teaching a skill. The first and second class requirements are a great source of ideas for Scout related skills you may want to teach in our session.  We will have on hand some rope for possible demonstration of knot tying and lashing. If there is another skill you would like to teach, please bring what ever materials you will need. There will be a 10 minute limit to teach each skill.

Requirement 7: Requirement will not be completed in class. Do ONE of the following:

  1. Write to the editor of a magazine or your local newspaper. If completed in advance, bring a copy of the letter you wrote to class and be prepared to discuss.
  2. Create a web page.  This must be shared with parent or counselor before being published to the Internet.
  3. Desktop publishing. Bring copy of newsletter or other document to class and be prepared to discuss.

Requirement 8: Requirement will not be completed in class.  If completed prior to attending class, be prepared to share your documented Court of Honor or campfire program plan with the counselor.

Requirement 9: Come to class prepared to discuss career opportunities in the field of communications.

Requirements not completed in class may be completed after the fair by arrangement with the Counselor or with another registered Counselor for this badge. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me at davidnprogress@gmail.com  or call 405-210-4961.

Mr. Copeland