April 2018
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Merit Badge Fair

Our Annual Merit Badge fair will be on Saturday, March 25, 2017. For more details go here.


Summer camping with Troop 168

Each summer, Troop 168 has two major camping events: Summer Camp for the troop and a High Adventure Camp for older Scouts..

Summer camp is open to all Scouts in our troop. In the troops history, we’ve been to Boy Scout summer camps in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arkansas, Colorado and Missouri. Over the years, Troop 168 has found the variety in Boy Scout programs at different councils to offer a wonderfully enriched learning experience. Scouts get to meet and know other Scouts from widely diverse areas and backgrounds, which helps the Scouting brotherhood.

Over the past several years, Troop 168 has been to Camp Frank Rand in New Mexico, Slippery Falls Scout Ranch and Camp Tom Hale in Oklahoma, Camp Alexander in Colorado, Camp Simpson in Oklahoma, and Camp Orr in Arkansas.

Summer Camp plays an important role in the Scouting program at Troop 168. It is the ideal place for new Scouts to make enormous strides in their rank advancement requirements toward their First Class. Summer Camp offers more experienced Scouts the chance to earn merit badges toward their Eagle rank.

Most importantly, Summer Camp with Troop 168 is a time to Scouts to learn independence during a week away from home and it is a great place to structured, safe but challenging fun.

High adventure camps for older Scouts

Virtually every summer, in addition to Summer Camp, older scouts can attend a High Adventure Base camp or troop sponsored high adventure trip. Over the past several years the Troop has gone to all three of BSA’s high adventure camps: Northern Tier High Adventure Canoe Base, for canoeing in the wilderness lakes in Minnesota and Canada; Philmont Scout Ranch, for backpacking in the New Mexico Sangre de Cristo mountains, and BSA’s Florida National Sea Base, for sailing in the Caribbean. In addition to the BSA High Adventure Cams, the Troop has arranged their own trips to backpack the mountains of Colorado and the New Mexico Pecos Wilderness, Canoe the Buffalo River, and Wild caving in Southeast New Mexico. Because of hard physical and emotional demands, Scouts must meet specific age, rank, ability, and health requirements to attend.