April 2018
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Merit Badge Fair

Our Annual Merit Badge fair will be on Saturday, March 25, 2017. For more details go here.


What you should know about joining

First, and most important of all: we’d like you to join the troop! As soon as you are ready, please come visit a troop meeting to see us in action and speak with our Scoutmaster. Or, you can send him an email message from this website.

Here’s some technical information you might like to know.

The basic joining requirements for Troop 168 are the same as any troop; you must:

• be at least 11 years old, but not 18, or
• have completed the fifth grade, or
• have earned the Arrow of Light as a Webelos Scout

In order to earn the Scout rank upon joining Troop 168, a Scout must be able to:

• repeat the Pledge of Allegiance
• demonstrate how to tie a square knot
• demonstrate the Scout sign, salute and handshake
• understand and agree to live by the Scout Oath, Law, motto, slogan & the Outdoor Code
• describe the Scout badge
• complete the exercises in the pamphlet in the front of the Scout Handbook
• participate in a Scoutmaster’s conference

Webelos Scouts who earned the Arrow of Light award will have already completed most of these requirements. If you do not have the Arrow of Light, a Troop 168 Scout or adult will be happy to help you learn these requirements.

Before we can register you as a member of Troop 168, you need to provide the troop with:

• a completed and signed Boy Scout application
• a check for $70, made out to Troop 168, to pay for your membership dues

If you are planning to go to Summer Camp with Troop 168, you must provide a completed and signed Boy Scouts of America Class 1/2 Medical Form, unless you have a current form which will be less than one year old at the time of Summer Camp. If you need a Class I/II medical form, one is available for download from this website, or you may get one from any adult leader at a troop meeting.

Also, your parent or guardian needs to provide the following:

• a completed and signed Adult Application
• vehicle insurance information (so they can help drive to campouts on occassion)
• a check for $30, made out to Troop 168, to pay for their first year’s membership.
• a completed Troop Resource Survey

As a member of Troop 168, you will wear the proper uniform to all Scout functions and meetings. This means you will need to buy a Scout shirt and pants or shorts, although you might want to check our ‘uniform closet’ first as we may have used uniforms that will fit you. When you crossover from being a Webelos Scout, or when you are inducted into Troop 168, the troop will provide you with your neckerchief, tie slide and the troop insignia you will need.

Troop 168 uses three uniforms. The Class A uniform is the traditional Boy Scouts of America green uniform. It is available at the Scout shop (3031 NW 64th Street).

Our Class B uniform is a Troop-specific T-shirt and/or sweatshirt (available from the troop), or a Patrol shirt approved by the Scoutmaster. Class B uniforms are not mandatory, but most Scouts truly appreciate having Class B’s for travel and campout prep meetings.

The Class C uniform is any Scouting-related shirt, worn only during certain campouts.

Instructions on how to place Boy Scout uniform patches are available from this website (Uniform Insignia Guide / Inspection Form). This same material is available in a brochure from the Scout Shop at the Last Frontier Council offices. We also have a copy the booklet posted on our bulletin board in the Scout room for your convenience. Insignia placement instructions are also in each Scout Handbook.