April 2018
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Merit Badge Fair

Our Annual Merit Badge fair will be on Saturday, March 25, 2017. For more details go here.


Regular camping programs

Troop 168 believes the heart and soul of Scouting is found in the outdoors, so we get out as often as we can, in all types of weather. We schedule weekend campouts at least ten times a year. We camp at State Parks, Scout camps and on private land.

Our older Scouts sometimes go on outings which are more physically and mentally challenging. These trips have included scuba, sailing, caving, rappelling and white-water canoeing.

The troop traditionally meets at United Methodist Church on Friday evening so we can depart at 6 pm. We return to the church Sunday afternoon, after 1:00 pm. On campouts far from home, leadership estimates our Sunday arrival time before we leave so parents have a general idea of when we’ll return. If we’ve traveled an unusually long distance, we stop on the way back so Scouts can call home with our arrival time.

Troop 168’s Parent/Son Canoe trip is one of the Scouts’ favorite campouts. The rivers we use offers fun floats with no significant challenges, where experienced paddlers and those brand new to a canoe can have a great time (be sure to check out the pictures and stories in our main Campout section).

Another campout that closely rivals the Father/Son Canoe trip for all out fun is Troop 168’s annual Turkey Cookout, held in November. On the Saturday during this campout, Scouts cook several turkeys in a huge, deep pit, glowing with natural wood coals. Every family member is invited to come join the troop for a succulent turkey meal in mid-afternoon.

Troop 168 doesn’t have a camping fee for weekend campouts unless there are unusual expenses to cover (like canoe rentals). Scouts do pay $15 for the food they will eat. Each patrol plans its own menu and the Scoutmaster approves it. Troop 168 Scouts pride themselves on their Dutch oven cooking. One Scout in each patrol buys the food for his patrol and the buying responsibility rotates among patrol members.

Troop 168 provides gear for each patrol to take on campouts. We have excellent tents, groundcovers, lanterns, stoves and a complete camp kitchen for each patrol. For regular troop campouts, Scouts only need to bring personal gear (sleeping bags, clothes, flashlights, etc.).

Troop campouts are designed by the Patrol Leaders’ Council to offer training in Scouting skills, advancement opportunities and to be FUN! Over the course of a year, the troop regularly works on merit badge requirements for cooking, camping, hiking, canoeing, orienteering, pioneering, and many others.